Rarely has the percussion world seen such an impact following a new product introduction. Hayman drums took the market by storm and raised the bar in terms of sound, looks and hardware. Sadly this excellent British product had only a short life in the late sixties and early seventies; although there were a couple of unsuccessful attempts to revive the brand, initially in the mid-eighties and again in 2010. In this book, we have assembled a comprehensive history and information source.  The book is based on original research, interviews, first-hand knowledge and investigation (but we have drawn on some Web resources), and is illustrated with over 100 colour and monochrome pictures, including many rare and original images. 153 pages.

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"This crisply presented book is designed as both exhaustive technical reference for Hayman restorers/collectors and as an enthralling insight into the 1970s UK music/drum industry" - Geoff Nicholls, author of The Drum Book, writing in Rhythm magazine. See the November 2016 edition for Geoff's full review.