........This crisply presented book is designed as both exhaustive technical reference for Hayman restorers/collectors and as an enthralling insight into the 1970s UK music/drum industry".......

Geoff Nicholls, author of The Drum Book, writing in the November 2016 edition of Rhythm magazine 

This morning I was made aware that good things are worth waiting for. Over the years it's fair to say that I have amassed a large collection of "drum" books and whilst US and German makers are well represented, any comprehensive works about British makers have been in short supply. Now that deficiency has been addressed. The Hayman Drum Book has arrived. It is my pleasant duty to present an entirely unofficial and unsolicited review of this excellent publication. Nigel Constable and Bob Henrit have meticulously researched the brand and the result is a well produced and thoroughly readable account of an exciting time in British drum history.

The designers, players, manufacturers and retailers that played a large part in this story are all mentioned. Over the years that I have been involved (I attended my first drum clinic in 1936 at the age of 10!) in the drum business as a player and business of drums, this book with its high quality printing and photo reproduction is as good as and in most cases, better than many of the US and Continental books that are available.

Anyone, whether they are drummers, or just merely interested in the "pop" scene of the 60s/70s will find this book a really good read.

Roy Holliday, formerly Managing Director, Pearl UK

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